Atelier d’architecture Meunier-Westrade scprl
Saint-Maur (Tournai)

Old Delwart Cement Plant

  • 2018
  • 2023
Saint-Maur (Tournai)
  • In progress
Project type
  • Renovation
  • New
  • KAIROS sa
Key numbers
  • 11 577 m² of gross total area
  • 39 appartments
  • Reception center for 48 disabled people

A major rehabilitation project is currently underway at the former industrial site of the Delwart cement plant. The project involves demolishing the old silos and some century-old buildings to make way for a new building with 39 apartments spanning six floors, along with three commercial units and a reception center for 48 disabled individuals. Some of the existing buildings will be renovated and transformed into business premises for the visitor center and three modern lofts. The large vertical furnace, nicknamed "the eagle's nest," will remain as a reminder of the site's industrial heritage. A car park slab will also be constructed as part of the work.

The project prioritizes sustainability, incorporating elements such as:

  • low energy buildings,
  • high energy performance housing,
  • double flow ventilation (new housing),
  • type C+ ventilation (lofts)
  • insulating and acoustic glazing,
  • efficient thermal insulation,
  • LED lighting of communal areas and car parks,
  • photovoltaic panels,
  • water management via green roofs.

Our mission(s)

TPF Engineering is responsible for the entire technical building services mission, including heating, ventilation, sanitary, electricity, and elevators, as well as the EPB mission.

Our team is engaged in all phases of the project, from the initial design to support during final acceptance, including the creation of the as-built file.