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TPF is undertaking ambitious infrastructure projects in India

TPF CEO Thomas Spitaels has returned to Belgium after a ten-day visit to India.

His trip began with a first stop at the Mumbai headquarters of TPF Engineering Pvt Ltd before traveling to the regional offices in Pune and Goa. He met with CEO Dr. Atul Bhobe and attended meetings with the management team, projects managers and department heads. It was a good opportunity to review the new projects and ongoing work and to discuss prospects for the future.

Concluding his India tour, Thomas Spitaels visited C.E. Testing Co Pvt. Ltd, our subsidiary located in Kolkata. He met with Chairman Dr. Madhusudan Nayak  and Managing Director Anirban Nayak and its team.

During his stay in India, he had the pleasure of doing site visits that  allowed him to be made more aware of the importance of the projects, understand the technical challenges, and observe the progress of the work. All these fives projects demonstrate TPF’s ability to manage and supervise large-scale and complex infrastructure projects.

  • The Zuari Cable-Stayed Bridge in Goa: This is an eight-lane bridge with a central span of 360m and 140m back spans on either end having a total length of 640m. 4-lanes of this bridge was opened for traffic during December 2022 and the other 4-lanes would be open during December 2023. We are the Authority's Engineer for this project doing day-to-day supervision.
  • The Link Road to MOPA Airport in Goa: This is a 6.58km Six-Lane Link road from National Highway to the MOPA Airport on the north of Goa. Out of 6.58km, 3.88km is with rigid pavement and 2.70km is on Viaduct through a deep valley. The project would be completed by August 2024.
  • The Margao By-Pass in Goa: This is a 3.25km Four-Lane by-pass, out of which 1.15km is elevated and 2.10km is at-grade. 50% of work is complete so far and the likely date of completion is September 2024.
  • The NH-17B in Vasco: Total length of this project is 7.52km, out of which 4.15km is elevated and 3.37km is at-grade. This also includes a Cable-Stayed bridge of length 170m for which work is in progress. 89% of work is complete and should be complete by June 2024.
  • The development of 1 vehicular underpass and 6 pedestrian subways in New Town, Kolkata: We have been asked to provide consultancy services: planning, feasibility, detailed design of structures including drainage, ventilation, electrical, illumination systems. 


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