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"The Invisible Forest - Stories from the Amazon" is now online

How income generation and forest conservation are connected

The award-winning documentary "The Invisible Forest - Stories from the Amazon" is a co-production between our Brazilian Subsidiary Synergia and Dot Films, with support from ICMBio

It weaves together the stories of struggle and resistance from the people living in the Middle Xingu region who face challenges from mining, logging, livestock and monoculture, to generate income and preserve the Amazon Forest standing . 

These people feel connected to the forest and defend ways of life that, adapted to the new realities, harbor invaluable knowledge for forest care , combined with the development of the bioeconomy .

The "Invisible Forest" has been screened at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and, more recently, on the 7th of June during the 13th Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival at Cine Arte UFF, followed by a Q&A session with film's team. But don't worry if you missed it. You can also watch it now on the Synergia'sYou Tube channel. 


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