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The first edition of the TPF Transport Forum was held in Madrid from 21 to 22 November 2023

This first edition brought together no fewer than 30 employees working in the transport sector: a particularly important sector for TPF, because it has a key role to play in meeting the socio-economic challenges and combating climate change. Transport infrastructure must adapt to new mobilities, be more productive, efficient and sustainable.

The aim of the event was to discuss challenges in transportation and in innovative, sustainable solutions for transforming infrastructure, whether it be roads, motorways, bridges, tunnels, railways, urban transport, air transport or marine engineering.

Colleagues from all over the world had the opportunity to review ongoing work and projects, and to reflect on major infrastructure projects and possible synergies.

These two days were also marked by round table discussions, in-depth presentations and debates on collaborative platforms and innovative technologies. These technologies are revolutionizing the way infrastructure can be designed, built and managed.  

Concrete examples were presented, showing the advantages of using BIM, Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and digital twins. The importance of integrating the IFC format and establishing a CDE (Common Data Environment) for the implementation of BIM on a project was also highlighted.

This first edition demonstrated TPF's strong position in an increasingly complex sector.

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