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The CEO of TPF on business trip to Brazil

The CEO of TPF, Thomas Spitaels, together with Aurore Spitaels, a member of our board of directors, were in the center of the city of Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco and headquarters of TPF Engenharia. 

There, they visited Avenida Rio Branco, an avenue with many historic buildings and the stage for many cultural celebrations in the city, in addition to being prohibited from driving. 

TPF Engenharia was responsible for preparing the executive project for the urbanization and pedestrianization of the avenue, which included reorganizing urban elements and incorporating the local electrical network. 

Along with Thomas and Aurore, there was the CEO of TPF Engenharia, Ricardo Carvalho; the president of the administrative board, João Recena; the director of quality and innovation, Lorena Oliveira; the CFO Eduardo Scalia; the regional directors, André Jabir and Adonai Porto, and the corporate manager Laura Recena.

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