Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

As an engineering and consulting company concerned about the world in which we live, we are committed to sustainable development by taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects in our projects

We might not have all the solutions but we are aware of our role to play both internally and externally so that our activity and our initiatives have a positive and lasting impact on the environment and society.

We carefully consider the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to our activity and support our customers towards the design and implementation of sustainable projects that meet the environmental and societal challenges of today and of tomorrow.

Keeping in mind our own direct impact on the environment, we strive to be ambitious and have made commitments to reduce our carbon footprint through initiatives aimed at improving the Group's energy efficiency, such as limiting waste production and encouraging soft mobility.

On the social level, TPF considers the diversity of its employees a key strength and differentiator. The Group strives to ensure equal opportunities, respect for diversity and human rights and to prevent all forms of discrimination. With respect to politics, TPF is impartial and refrains from intervening in local political debates and in the financing of political parties or election candidates. Respect for these values ​​is not only essential to the proper functioning of the company, but also essential for maintaining good relations with colleagues, partners and customers.

Because we want to share our commitments on environmental, societal and governance issues with the people we work with, whether they are our partners, our customers or our employees, we have decided to draft a CSR Charter.

Within the Group and through the projects we carry out around the world, we want to make a positive contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In this regard, we are committed to supporting the goals in the areas where we have the most impact.